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University of York
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University of York

Langley Design were honoured to be given the opportunity by Graham Construction to provide the whole package of external furniture, cycle shelters, bin stores and bus shelters on the University of York Heslington East Campus project for Graham construction. Working with Shepherd Robsons and Landscape Projects designs Langley Design came up with a bespoke range of street furniture products that were utilised across the campus. Litter bins, pre cast concrete cylinders, cycle shelters, two tier bike parking, cubes, picnic tables, seats, benches, perch seating, bus shelters and planters were all designed, manufactured and installed by Langley.

We have become the leading higher education provider in the UK for external furniture and our bespoke design capabilities enable us to offer the whole package to contractors. Our flexible manufacturing approaching combined with our engaging and welcoming team means we achieve all clients desires and outcomes, A prime example of this was working with the architects on the York project to incorporate bespoke mesh louvred panels into the refuse stores. Our grey granite plinth mounted products are perfect for contractors as they remove the need for foundations, the products simply get placed onto a firm engineered base which allows the landscaping team to get their works complete without any interference. We worked closely with the Landscape Architect lead to produce a range of seating products, design meetings were undertaken to make sure we had the backrests in the correct place and the curved seating radiuses perfectly lined up with the paving edge, Thicker slats were requested on our seating which we were unable to incorporate easily and the desired outcome gave that extra quality feel to the seating, a public realm product in a student accommodation setting. Perch seating was also designed for the students to lean on, precast concrete cylinders were used to offer a large dining and social space. Cycle parking and students go hand in hand and we were able to manufacture a range of secured, covered timber stores that accommodated the bikes in either two tier parking or standard sheffield hoops. If they don’t have a bike they may well be utilising the bus service, the students at York Uni will be waiting underneath a bespoke Langley Design Bus shelter, the galvanised and powder coated shelter with Glass Roof also  incorporates the same timber species used on the seating which allows a co-ordinate theme of street furniture across the site.

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Project Reference: LDINV2570

Contractor:  John Graham Construction

Job Type: Supply & Install

Project Products

Langley Bench LBN114n/s

Sheldon Bench SBN307

Langley Bench LBN115 n/s

Sheldon Bench SBNn/s

Langley Picnic Table LPT105

Langley Seat LST102 n/s

Pewsham Bench PBN410n/s

Malford Cycle Hoop MCR200

Malford Cycle Racks MCR206

Malford Two Tier Racks MCR205

Sheldon Cycle Shelter SCS301

Sheldon Cycle Shelter SCS302

Sheldon Bin Store SBSn/s

Sheldon Litter Bin SLC308

Malford Bus Stops MBSn/s

Sheldon Planter SPLn/s

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