Modern outdoor wooden benches with metal triangular shaped legs under wooden pergola with blue tinted roof

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welcoming and functional public spaces.

About our Public Realm Projects

Welcome to Langley Design, where our commitment to the Public Realm sector is showcased through a range of Street Furniture solutions. Our Public Realm case studies demonstrate a proven track record of enhancing external spaces with our dedication to providing a comprehensive suite of Street Furniture products, including Benches & Seating, secure Cycle Parking, and provision of eco-friendly options. We have successfully collaborated with a wide range of contractors and architects contributing to the creation of welcoming and functional Public Spaces.

From city centres to Public parks, our variety of Street Furniture solutions have played a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the urban landscape, creating environments that foster community engagement and well-being. Langley Design takes pride in offering a wide range of Street Furniture products suitable for the Public Realm sector and our commitment to professionalism, efficiency, collaboration and excellence whilst working seamlessly within project timelines and budgets is unmistakable.

From providing comfortable Benches for relaxation, stylish Picnic Tables for communal dining, or innovative Seating arrangements that encourage social interaction. Langley Design’s commitment to sustainable mobility is reflected in our many Cycle Parking options, allowing a tailored solution that addresses your project’s unique requirements.

Explore our Public Realm case studies to witness how our well-designed Langley Design Street Furniture and well-planned Cycle Parking contributes not only to the promotion of eco-friendly transportation options but also the convenience of cyclists and the overall enhancement of Public Spaces. Crafted with precision, our refined manufacturing processes ensure an excellent high quality finished product every time. Step into a world where every piece of furniture contributes to the enhancement of Public Realm environments.

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