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About our University Projects

Welcome to Langley Design, where our commitment to the University Sector and creating vibrant and functional environments for students is highlighted through a range of impactful case studies. Our University case studies showcase our proven track record of elevating the outdoor experience of academic institutions and student living spaces.

With our dedication to providing a diverse portfolio of Street Furniture products, including Picnic Tables, Benches & Seating, Cycle Shelters & Parking, Bin Stores and more, we have successfully collaborated with a wide range of contractors and architects to enhance the outdoor facilities of campus landscapes across the UK. From providing communal Seating for socialising, practical and stylish Cycle Shelters, or aesthetically pleasing Bin Stores, our products contribute to the overall comfort and appeal of student living and play a vital role in shaping University environments that fosters pupil engagement and well-being.

Langley Design takes pride in offering a variety of creative and durable solutions suitable for creating welcoming outdoor spaces in the University setting and our commitment to professionalism, efficiency, collaboration and excellence whilst working seamlessly within project timelines and budgets is unmistakable. Langley Design’s Street Furniture range is comprehensive and tailored to the unique requirements of Universities and Student Accommodation sites.

Explore our University case studies to witness how Langley Design have made a positive impact on University and Student Accommodation landscapes and which highlights our devotion to creating inviting communal spaces and offering practical solutions for sustainable living. Crafted with precision, our refined manufacturing processes ensure an excellent high quality finished product every time. Step into a world where every piece of furniture contributes to the vibrancy of academic and residential spaces.

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