Foundation Types



Foundations are necessary for most products, helping spread the load and giving a secure base to bolt down to. Although we do not provide or install them to support our products, we can supply our recommended foundation sizing or help advise your site or project engineer, who should make the final decision on foundation type and size, taking site conditions into account.

Foundation pad shelter-leg - foundations

Slab Foundation

A slab, also know as a raft, is a single foundation covering the entire area of the product (including an overlap). They are generally used for surface fixed products and also provide a hardwearing finished grade under or within the product.

Strip Foundation

A strip type is a strip or ribbon of concrete that is generally used where a number of legs are close to each other or a continuous run of support is needed.

Pad Foundation

A pad foundation is a pocket of concrete that is cast directly below the required fixing points. These are generally used for below finished grade fixing and where minimum ground interference is required.