Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How long until I receive my products?
    Our standard lead time is 6-8 weeks from receipt of order but in our busiest times this may be longer. We may be able to beat this lead time if you need to your products before handover or completion, some of our standard products are quicker to manufacture. Please contact us to confirm your deadlines and what products you need and we can advise or suggest an alternative that may be available sooner.


  • What’s the difference between 304 and 316 graded stainless steel?
    The simple answer is 316 (Marine Grade) has added molybdenum to the alloy, helping resist corrosion to chlorides like sea water. The technical answer is 304 contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel while 316 contains 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum. Find out more about our steel materials.


  • What are the difference between the product ranges?
    Sheldon is our range designed to be functional, durable and economic. Our most comprehensive range featuring timber products with simple metal structures and finishes.
    Malford is our range of steel products designed for tough and demanding areas, whilst offering functional products with a strong modern design. Their durability makes them ideal for the constant hardwearing use of urban areas.
    Langley is our range utilising steel, premium treated timber and recycled plastic to provide attractive design lead products. Robust solutions to add a little glamour to your project.
    Pewsham is our range of highly durable recycled plastic, concrete products, and tensile canopies. These products can be used in conjunction with Sheldon, Malford and Langley products or in isolation.


  • What is the difference between a seat and a bench?
    The difference is simple, a seat has a backrest and a bench does not. The confusion comes between the UK and US definitions, as in America its the opposite, a seat has no back rest and a bench does. Langley Design manufacture all there products in the UK supplying street furniture nationally, so we will stick to the UK definition.
  • What is the standard seat/bench height?
    Our standard bench height is 450mm. Some products may vary slightly and we can make most of our products to suit your specific needs either higher or lower just let us know your requirements when submitting your enquiry.
  • How do I understand your various product codes?
    Although our codes may seem confusing at first, every part goes to make your product the way you want in the material and finish you require. Our product data sheets have a key to aide identification and there is also a list of the codes and their meanings on our product code explanation page.
  • Are there lower height products for smaller users?
    We make all our products to order and can adjust the heights of all our tables, seats and benching units to meet a range of dimensions or the specific requirements of end users. Just make a note of your requirements when submitting your enquiry.
  • Can I have a bench extended in length?
    As we make all our products to order it is more than likely that we can accommodate a change in length, with a little tweaking, to match your requirements. Please specify the exact length at the time of your enquiry for accurate pricing.