Seating forms an integral part of many of our projects providing social areas for all. Our many product options can be tailored to match both design and practical needs. Our seating products cover all price points and are available in a full range of materials, including Hardwood, Treated Redwood, Recycled Plastic, Stainless Steel and Concrete.

We offer various fixing options, from direct embedded products to plinth-mounted furniture. Our popular plinth-mounted seats require only a level engineered base, a process Langley Design originated. Plinth-mounted seats are quick and easy to install and lower the cost of installation. They are useful in renovation or non-specialist projects where the school may purchase directly. We can tailor our standard range of seating to almost any length, curve or amount of seating needed, as we make everything to order. We are happy to adjust our products to make the most of the usable space or funding available, and to advise on the most economic way of providing the necessary amount of seating.

LST101 Langley Seat

Langley Seat LST101

Plinth Mount Seats

Plinth-Mount Seats

These plinth-mount seat options can be placed directly onto a level engineered base. So complex paving or ground finishes can be complete before installation.

Timber Seats

Timber Seats

Natural timber materials can be used to manufacture all timber seats to match the project scheme and finish.

Modular Seats

By linking seats together and creating a long continuous seating units, these seat types can save money on fixings and materials.

Steel Seats

Hard wearing steel seats in either, galvanised, powder-coated or stainless steel finishes will provide a long lasting and modern design solutions to any projects design.

Straight Seats

Straight seats can be a simple solution to a schools need for seating. Arranged either together or spread throughout the project.

Recycled Plastic Seats

Recycled Plastic Seats

Seats made completely from recycled plastic or just replacing the wooden components, this eco option solves most ‘green’ seat needs.