Pewsham Litter Bin PLC400

Pewsham Litter Bin PLC400

The Pewsham Litter Bin PLC400 is a rotationally moulded plastic litter bin with 3 lift off lockable lid solutions. The hooded top, allows easy 'walk by' access from both sides while providing weather protection. The flat top lid keeps waste out of site provides excellent protection from wildlife and the elements. The open top lid provides easy all round access to disposing of litter. The Pewsham Litter Bin PLC400 is a free standing unit with an included base weight that can be filled with water or sand for greater stability. The unit can also be bolted down to finished grade for a more permanent solution. Available in a range of colours and recycle plastic finishes. The litter bin comes with a galvanised steel liner with up to 100 litre capacity or can also be used with a simple bag retention system that has no need for the extra liner.

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Dimensions 522 × 547 × 832 mm

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