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Planters are used extensively in landscape design to provide a green lung in courtyards and other enclosed areas. They can incorporate seating, delineate different areas and be used as teaching aids as well as being ornamental.

They can be lavish products with decorative planting to enhance external project areas visual appeal, or empty soil-filled containers ready for students to plant their own to learn about what they eat or how things grow. Sensory gardens and ‘grow your own’ areas are becoming increasingly popular as people want to know more about where their food comes from and are more interested in self-sufficiency. They can be combined with benching or even replace it, with designs to include benches or have a benchtop to sit on. These combinations offer a more cost-effective seating solution. We also offer our planter walling system, which can be used instead of retaining walls and customised into various shapes and sections.

Sheldon Planter SPL305

Sheldon Planter SPL305


Horticulture Planting

With more schools encouraging external learning through student garden areas within the school grounds, planters are needed for ‘grow your own’ lessons.


Divisional Planting

Make use of the physical aspect of planting by separating areas with divisional planting walls. Segregate areas with a visually pleasing planting scheme.


Multi Use Planters

Combining planting units with benching in various forms to create a space saving and cost effective benching and planter solutions in one single unit.


Planter Walling

Planting doesn’t have to be contained within single units. Use walling to delegate whole ares to planting, with any shape or size imaginable.


Bespoke Planting

All our furniture is made to order and this includes our planters. So we can build planters to your specified design to fit in with your schools landscape scheme.


Concrete Planters

Sturdy, smooth and long lasting, these modern concrete designs come in various colours and finishes, providing planting and benching solutions in one unit.


Timber Planters

Natural timber materials can be used to manufacture complete planter solutions, stained to match the building project scheme and finish.

Steel Planters

Hard wearing steel planters, galvanised, powder coated or in stainless steel, will provide a long lasting and modern planting solution.

Shipped in Sections

For easier install and delivery at the final location, larger variations are manufactured in separate sections to be assembles in place in final location before being filled.