Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables

We offer tables in a variety of styles and for a variety of functions. We offer picnic tables for dining and socialising, and our increasingly popular work tables for outdoor teaching environments and studying outdoors. 

Plinth-mounted picnic tables require no fixing and can be installed easily and quickly to a level-engineered base. Most of our tables are either freestanding or surface-mounted and as such need minimal groundwork to be installed. Freestanding options can be moved freely if required. We offer our tables in a variety of heights depending on the age of the intended users, for example, for school picnic tables, the sizes and styles can vary to cater for reception classes up to secondary school classes. As we make everything to order, we can adjust the heights as needed.

Sheldon Picnic Table SPT300


Plinth-Mount Tables

These plinth-mounted table options can be placed directly onto a level engineered base. Complex paving or ground finishes can be complete before installation.

Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables

Dining areas are a necessity for most building projects and Langley Design provide diners with safe and practical picnic tables in various sizes and materials.

Free Standing Tables

Wide based and sturdy free standing tables need no fixing methods and are easily moved into position with the right equipment.

Group Tables

Group Tables

Seating more users around tables to save on space and cost is an important factor when thinking about external tables and seating and we have a range of specific solutions.

Recycled Plastic Tables

Recycled Plastic Tables

Either manufactured completely from recycled plastic or replacing the timber components. These eco friendly picnic table options help to encourage a ‘green’ focus.

Fixed Tables

Fixed Tables

Directly embedded, surface fixed or bolted down below finished grade creates a secure finish to these stylish picnic or work table options.

Timber Tables

Natural timber materials can be used to manufacture complete table and seating solutions to match the project scheme and finish.

Steel Tables

Steel Tables

Hard wearing steel tables in either, galvanised or stainless steel finishes will provide a long lasting and modern design solution to a scheme.


Concrete Tables

Solid and heavy duty, these modern concrete table designs come in various concrete colours and finishes, providing permanent and stylish table solutions.