Door Barriers

Door Barriers

Door Barriers

Barriers can help protect the door from being opened too far and overextending its hinges, and by preventing damage to the door and surrounding areas. 

Barriers also protect pupils when in the playground. Having these barriers marking the external openings of doors creates a safe space for the door to be opened without the potential risk for unpredicted contact with pupils, helping prevent accidents. Although a fairly simple device, they come in various shapes and sizes. They can be a simple single hoop or include a tapping rail for use with visually impaired users. They can be open to being minimal in design or ‘filled’ to rule out the use of the barrier as play equipment. Whatever your door barrier needs, Langley Design will have a solution.

Malford Door Barrier MD203Malford Door Barrier MDB203


Protective Door BarriersProtective Barriers

A simple steel hoop barrier is all that is needed for basic door and user protection from external opening doorways.

Tapping Rail Door BarriersTapping Rail Barriers

For added protection and increased accessibility for the visually impaired, a tapping rail can be installed to the barrier.

Solid Door BarriersSolid Barriers

By adding a solid centrepiece to barriers gives them added strength and visibility, but also discourages use as play equipment.