Commercial Projects


If you work in or are just visiting a commercial building, the street furniture makes an important initial visual impact, while also being practical for everyday use. Elements such as external benching and somewhere to secure bicycles, all work together to create a working external environment to compliment the buildings that sit within the landscape.

Langley Design have a range of street furniture solutions in varying materials, suitable for any size project. We can create bespoke items of furniture to match the existing scheme finish or colour. Use our vast experience in street furniture to advise you on the Commercial products suitable for their final use. We also make sure the project has the products fit for purpose at a price that is suitable for the budgets required.

Commercial Project Case Studies

Commercial Tables

Dining Areas

External dining areas allow the working community to venture away from the interior of their building where they spend most of the day and spend a short amount of time outside socialising and enjoying their lunch in the open air.

Commercial Benching

External Benching

All commercial projects will need some element of external benching provision for building users to make use of the external landscaped areas and take some time away from the indoor office environment.

Waste Management

To keep the external areas of any commercial building free from litter a good waste management policy is essential. To help make the process easier Langley Design have a wide selection of litter containers and recycling units available.

Cycle Parking

More and more people are trying to help the environment and save on fuel costs by cycling to and from work. This is why it is necessary to provide adequate cycle parking spaces and shelter from the elements for those people who choose to cycle to work.

Bollard Protection

When vehicles, building and pedestrian are in the same space bollard protection is normally required. Help protect pedestrian and building entrances from vehicle intrusion with bollard delineation. Fixed, removable or fold down bollards are available depending on access needs.

Shelter Provisions

Whether it is shelter from the rain or shelter from the sun, chances are there will be some need for external shelters on the project. Langley design can provide shelter provisions from covered walkways between buildings to sheltered smoking areas.