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Fixing Options

Fixing Options


This fixing option secures the product directly into the ground. The product with a root fix option (type A), has an extended leg to be placed into a specially dug hole in the ground and then fixed into position with the concrete foundation poured around the leg.


This fixing option has foundations (cast by others) pre installed into position below FFL. The product has extended legs and a base plate which is then bolted directly to the foundation pad or slab. The surface around the product can then be back filled up to finished grade.


This fixing option involves products with a base plate or brackets which are then used to bolt down the product directly onto finished grade. The slab or pad foundation are pre-positioned ready to accept the product installation. Fixing holes can then be drilled and the product can bolted down quickly and easily to finished grade.


Products with a plinth mount option require no actual in ground fixing. The product is secured to the top of granite plinths which provide the support and weight to secure the product into position. If required the plinths can be resin bonded to finished grade. The advantages of this method of fixing means that any intricate paving or surface finish can be complete before the product is installed and reduces overall cost of provision significantly.


Taking advantage of new or existing walls on the project is a great way to save project space and costs. This fixing option uses steel frameworks to secure products to the top of retaining or space separating walls creating a second use to an existing feature. We have a range of wall mounted fixings to suit.


Where flexibility to move the product is required, we offer an internal base weight for extra stability. In our rotationally moulded litter bins an internal ballast cartridge is included that can be filled with sand or water. In other products a concrete slab is used to provide the same effect.


Some products are manufactured to be sturdy and stable by design and therefore do not need to be fixed down. Free standing products can be placed directly onto finished grade and adjusted into position or moved easily if the extra space is required or if the product needs to be rearranged into another layout.