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Swallow Hill Community College: 7 Years On

Swallow Hill Community College: 7 Years On


Swallow Hill Community College: 7 Years On

Swallow Hill Community College was built under Leeds BSF programme in September 2009 and was one of the later schools delivered under BSF. The specification was for a full suite of street furniture in high quality materials. Much has been made of the high costs associated with these schools and the specification of materials used. We provided a range of external furniture manufactured using granite plinths, galvanised steel frames and recycled plastic slats. This combination of durable, minimal maintenance products has provided the school with excellent value. Returning after seven years on site, there is no damage or deterioration in the products at all, and look almost exactly as they did the day they were installed.

We believe this should be the specification of external furniture on all school projects. It is a truly cost effective solution for the education establishments needs over its lifetime. The use of granite plinths means no are foundations necessary, which not only reduces installation cost, but gives flexibility in location (you can see that the layout of the benching has been altered by FM staff over the years to match the student usage). Recycled plastic is a sustainable and long lasting alternative to hardwood timbers that should be specified on more projects like this, especially when it looks so good after so many years off use.

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Project Reference: LDINV1293

Contractor: Interserve Construction

Job Type: Supply and Install

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