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Q3 Academy

Q3 Academy
  • MBD203 Malford Bollard 2

    MBD203 Malford Bollard 2
  • SPG300/B/TRC4/GL

  • SLC302/C/TRC4/GL/DT

  • SPG303 Sheldon Pergola Q3

    SPG303 Sheldon Pergola Q3
  • SST303 SHeldon Seat Q3

    SST303 SHeldon Seat Q3
  • SBN308 Sheldon Bench 5

    SBN308 Sheldon Bench 5
  • SBN308 Sheldon Bench 4

    SBN308 Sheldon Bench 4
  • MBD205 Malford Bollard 1

    MBD205 Malford Bollard 1
  • MBD203 Malford Bollard 3

    MBD203 Malford Bollard 3
  • SPG300/B/TRC4/GL

Q3 Academy, Sandwell BSF, Brimingham

This high quality academy project had a full selection of street furniture products and in all instances recycled plastic was used for furniture slat materials, due to its robust and low maintenance characteristics, providing a long term and stylish alternative to traditional materials. The amphitheater seating area set into the bank beside the playground has proved extremely popular with students in the summer months. In situ cast concrete foundations provided a solid structure before being topped with SBN308 recycled plastic benching.

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Project Reference: LDINV1380

Contractor: BAM Construction

Job Type: Supply and Install

Sheldon Benches SBN310

Sheldon Litter Bins SLC302

Sheldon Seats SST303

Sheldon Bench Meters SBN308

Sheldon Pergola Bays SPG300

Malford Bollards MBD205/207

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