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Pergolas are open units that are mostly decorative and can be used to screen off certain areas, or added for plants to be grown up and create a more sheltered social area.

We also have a range of solar shades to protect buildings and classrooms from the sun’s glare. All the designs have been subject to wind and snow calculation analysis to BS 6399 and are fit for purpose.

Sheldon has a comprehensive range of solar shading and pergolas, and because it’s a modular, the system is extremely flexible and enables us to provide bespoke structures, too many size variations, at a low cost.

Sheldon Pergola SPG300


Walkway Pergolas

Surrounding a walkway and creating an entrance, pergolas can add visual enhancements and increase this with climbing plants.

Solar Shading Pergolas

Solar Shading Pergolas

Attached to the building with strategically aligned top slats, these solar shade pergolas provide interior rooms with dappled shade.

Planting Pergolas

Built as an extension to planted areas or creating a new one, pergolas are designed to have climbing plants grow up and over them.

Seating Area Pergolas

Seating Area Pergolas

Pergolas built over seating provide a designated area enclosing the space, while increasing the visual impact of the arrangement.

Timber Pergolas

Natural and sustainably sourced timber materials are the perfect choice for pergola construction, easily adapted for bespoke designs.

Social Space Pergolas

Designating spaces for pupil interaction help divide the externals into usable spaces and pergolas help create this social spaces.