Recycling & Litter Bins

Recycling & Litter Bins

Recycling & Litter Bins

Litter collection and recycling forms an important part of the Waste Management Plan and with our vast experience we can advise on the correct quantities of litter bins needed to match the number of users for that area.

Litter bins and recycling bins are sometimes overlooked when assessing the visual impact of a project, but it is important that sufficient capacity is provided for the collection of rubbish and recyclables to match the Facility Management regime. Our range of litter bins and recycling container units offer a suitable solution for every project, whether it is part of a new suite of street furniture or to seamlessly match an existing package. Our products range from striking standout designs to those designed to fade into the background. We can offer our expert advice to clients on the size, quantity and design of products required for each project.

Sheldon Litter Bin SLC302

Dome Top Litter Bins

Dome Top Litter Bins

Not only practical for use but the dome top litter bins bring modern styling to any external areas with their galvanised steel dome top curved lids.

Timber Litter Bins

Natural and sustainably sourced timber litter bins are available in hardwood or treated redwood timbers and can be stained to match project requirements.

Recycling Bin Units

A range of recycling bin units in different materials with various apertures for differing recycling needs. Recycle paper, aluminium, cardboard, glass etc.

Lockable Litter Bins

For added security, a lockable litter container allows the bin liner and the litter bin itself to be managed safely in any external area.

Rotationally Moulded Plastic Bins

Moulded plastic and recycled plastic litter containers create exciting shapes and colours for a stylish bin to finish the external street furniture scheme.

Steel Litter Bins

Hard wearing steel litter bin in either, galvanised or stainless steel finishes will provide a long lasting and modern solution to any scheme.