Why Choose Langley Design?

Why Langley Design?

Why Langley Design?

Some of the reasons Langley Design should be your first choice for all the Street Furniture requirements on your next project.

Why Langley Design - Sheldon Seat SST302

Innovative Problem Solvers

Here at Langley Design we would describe ourselves as ‘innovative problem solvers’; concerned with delivering practical results that enable the excellent external facilities being built to have cost-effective, fit for purpose street furniture. We offer a comprehensive service ranging from the initial discussions regarding design style and material selection to match the budget. We then manufacture to order and project manage the supply process to match the programme.

Why Langley Design - Sheldon Litter Container SLC302

Flexible Manufacturing Approach

We pride ourselves on our flexible manufacturing approach and because we make it all here in Wiltshire we can respond rapidly to specific requirements and any design changes to meet Reviewable Design Data (RDD) needs. We are happy to bring items of street furniture to site for inspection, to ensure all parties are satisfied with our proposal prior to manufacture. We achieve short lead times through our well-managed supply chain.

Why Langley Design - Sheldon Shelter SPG326

Years of Experience

We have many years’ experience in the street furniture market and have an excellent understanding of all sectors, with special expertise in education. We are able to give sound advice both on and off-site. We operate in a friendly and professional manner which we are confident reflects well on our company. This enables us to deliver a consistently high standard of customer service.


We offer a range of services to supply our clients with a professional package of external furniture. Our complete project approach means you can order everything required for your project from one supplier. As can be seen from our catalogue, we have an enormous range of products to choose from.

Sheldon Seat SST303

Sheldon Shelter SPG323

Family Approach

We adopt a ‘family’ approach to products in order to achieve a complementary uniform design style.

All Elements

We take into consideration all the elements of external furniture provision to provide the best service to our clients.

Different Styles

We always consider different styles and colours in order to achieve the best solution.

Full Review

We review what is required and propose cost-effective solutions taking into account the eco-sustainability of materials.

Budgets Matched

We can take your budget, match it with performance requirements, and propose suitable solutions.

High Standards

We ensure all work meets high standards and good practice guidelines and we always propose a number of solutions.

Client Collaboration

We work closely with all parties to ensure that products are compatible with both design and budgetary constraints.

Strong Visuals

We support you by creating strong visual material to show you exactly what you’re getting, which can then be presented to the client.

Site Assessments

We carry out site assessments where we review requirements and give advice when refurbishment is necessary.

Legacy Refurbishment

We can assess the suitability of legacy furniture as well as offering professional refurbishment and repair.

Best Products

We give details on the best and most suitable products available for each project.

Cycle Parking Advice

We advise clients on layouts for cycle facilities when space may be confined or hard to access.

Technical Information

We provide technical information on all our products and we will install on site (where required).

Site Supervision

We can provide site supervision to enable your team to do the installation.

Groundworks Info

We will provide you with all the information needed for groundworks, before installation.

Bespoke Products

We make everything to order, so can shrink or stretch products to your requirements.